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One of the many uses of gravel is for masonry works. Properly applied, decorative stones can do much to enhance a property’s appearance, and may even increase its value.


One type of gravel is lava rocks, which have a distinctive appearance and give landscaping projects a unique look. They are harvested from inactive volcanoes, and a single eruption can produce enough lava to cover hundreds of miles of land. Lava rocks will not decompose. In most uses, it never needs to be replaced. It will need to be replaced in high traffic areas, but not as frequently as other choices. Lava rock has a low density. This means you get more lava rock per pound than you would with other higher density garden rocks.


At Natures Supply Centre, we are a reputable sand and gravel supplier and we offer various types of gravel for your lawns — lava rock, crimson stone, pea gravel, egg rock #4, creek rock, white marble chips, granite #57 and #89, rip rap, and crush and run. For more information about our products and rates, contact us in Mableton, GA.


Natures Supply Centre is also a reliable top soil supplier, firewood supplier, and bulk landscape materials provider.


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