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Firewood Supplier

Winter is coming; do you have enough firewood? If you are having a BBQ party with your friend in your backyard, do you have enough firewood to use? Here at Natures Supply Centre, we supply firewood all year round. The wood that we are selling is safe. We do not sell diseased firewood, so we can assure you that it is safe for you and your family.


If you burn wood a few times a month, you would need 1/2 cord. If you burn wood 1-2 times a week, you would need 1 cord. If you burn wood as a major part of your heat, you will need between 3-5 cords of wood. This is based on a 2-3 bedroom home that is well insulated. Older homes and larger homes may need up to 6+ cords of firewood. Contact Natures Supply Centre today. We are a reputable firewood supplier in Mableton, GA.


For more information about our products, contact is in Mableton, GA. Natures Supply Centre is also a reliable mulch supplier, topsoil supplier, and sand & gravel supplier.


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